Teach Your Monster Adventurous Eating - A Game That Turns Picky Eaters Into Adventurous Eaters

Child playing the educational game Adventurous Eating on an iPad

About the game

• A unique game that encourages kids to eat a broader range of fruit and veg and build a better relationship with food.

• Packed full of fun mini-games that encourage kids to explore foods with all five of their senses.

• Designed in collaboration with Dr Lucy Cooke, an expert in children’s food preferences and eating habits.

• Complements Pre-K / Pre-School and Reception / Kindergarten food education and is inspired by the Sapere method.

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  • “They loved being able to learn new things, new words, and new facts. They seemed very eager because they knew it would be beneficial for their health to learn about these new foods through a game, but it also began to boost their reading and conversations in the classroom, which I thought was fascinating.”

    Gabrielle Gray, Teacher, USA

  • “My child likes the eating song and looking at the different fruits and vegetables.”

    Crysta Payne, Parent, UK

  • “The food party is so amazing. We love the Bub loves food song! Everything about it is fun!”

    Karina Lee, Parent, New Zealand

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